Sunday, May 20, 2012

Google Maps vs Bing Maps

After planning trips for about 30 countries, road trips or not, my browser learned that when I press m, I'm looking for Google Maps:

This time, my trip will go through Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there was a problem though. Google Maps won't find routes through it.

We could not calculate directions between Belgrade, Serbia and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Another test showed that not only from outside Bosnia but also within the country:

We could not calculate directions between Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

That's when I gave a try to Bing Maps. It was a moment of surprise to see the route calculated until I noticed it looked quite weird:

Belgrade - Sarajevo with Bing Maps (
The route created clearly was too long, having 394 kilometers (244 miles).

After a quick research I found on Sarajevo wikitravel:

From Belgrade (Serbia) - taking direction to Sabac - Zvornik - Vlasenica - Sokolac - Sarajevo.

Using this tip, I decided to "help" Bing Maps by adding these locations on the way. The result, the least I can say, was funny! :)

Belgrade - Sarajevo and more with Bing Maps (

A way of 632 kilometers (392 miles), completely insane!

The situation is that Google Maps won't give directions with a location inside Bosnia and Bing Maps seems to make fun of me. Finally, I got it surprisingly with Michelin.

Belgrade - Sarajevo with Via Michelin (

A route with 305 kilometers (189 miles)

Today's battle Microsoft vs Google, the winner was Michelin!


  1. Hey Bruno, what's the point for all this energy being spent if you're going to get lost anyway?

  2. To be prepared... Perhaps I'll post my "checklist" one day. heheh..

    1. I used Google Maps this weekend in my trip to Gramado, but I ended up printing the map in 3 A4 sheets, to avoid getting lost if my battery dies. In the end I was doing stuff the same old fashion.

    2. I got a phone recharger to plug in my car.. :)
      (Last trip, to Iceland I got a real map too, bought at the gas station. But while driving, I used the phones GPS only)

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